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Available Deals

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Bargain Hunter



You get
  • Advertise in Bargain Hunter on Saturday in the Cairns Post
  • First 3 lines of your ad included for FREE!
  • Additional lines are only $1.90 per line
  • Ad will appear online on newsclassifieds.com.au
  • Does not include some classifications




You get
  • Take advantage of a low price single ad deal
  • 4 lines and large heading included in the start price
  • Great way to advertise a garage sale!
  • Online ad placed on www.newsclassifieds.com.au

For Sale



You get
  • Place your ad in Cairns Post on Saturday & Wednesday
  • Includes a free placement in Exchange
  • 4 lines and an attention getter included in the start price!
  • Enhance your ad by including an image!
  • Online ad placed in www.newsclassifieds.com.au

Super Sale



You get
  • 4 lines, border, heading and photo included in the start price
  • Your ad will be placed in Cairns Post on Saturday & Wednesday
  • Includes a bonus placement in Exchange
  • Your online ad will be placed on www.newsclassifieds.com.au
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